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Let us introduce you to a few of our team members. You'll notice everyone is at a different point in their life, and that's because almost anyone can find success here.

If you are a hard working, team player who wants more out of life then we want you!

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"My original goal was to have enough money to make the car payment. Today I have replaced my corporate income around my kids without missing a first step, first word or first day of school."

- Denise Kustka
mom of 3 (ages 8, 5 & 3)


"As a former CPA I'm thrilled to have found that here it is possible to have both money and the time to enjoy it. And the best part is that I work with a team of people all dedicated to helping others reach their goals."

- Kathy Simmers
Entreprenuer/ CPA



My dream has always been to stay home and raise my children.  With these hard economic times, contributing to the household income is a must.  Now, thanks to So Worth It I am able to make great money and not miss out on the fascinating life of a 1 year old!

- Sarah
mom of 1


After 15 years as a Certified Financial Planner, I left the financial
industry in 2005 and earn more today than I ever did while actually having the time freedom to enjoy it. Now I get to work with a great team and help others to get off the economic treadmill and achieve their goals.

- Richard Warren
Former CFP



"I have always wanted a job that made the world a better place and I now have one that actually generates an income!"

- Irene Hunt
mom of almost 2 (ages 2 & newborn)


"Working with this team has allowed me to continue home schooling my boys, for which I'm so grateful."

- Jill Hinton
mom of 2



"With 4 kids including 1 year old twins, I am so thankful to be working with an honest, debt-free company right beside my husband... at home!"

- Crystal Snyder
mom of 4 (ages 9, 6 & 1 year old twins)


"I love that I can rely on the team for support, direction and encouragement. The best and only way to get ahead in this business is to help others succeed."

- Aleksandra Padua
mom of 2



"We have hopes and we are achieving dreams that the corporate world only dangled in front of us. I wake up everyday knowing I am able to enhance someone's life today - my business and this team has given that to us."

- Jean Farrell
mom of 2


"I'm having so much fun working with this team.  Besides the joy of sharing this business that I love with others, I'm meeting some great people and having a blast!"

- Amanda Dunlap



"Like so many people I found myself in a career that I no longer wanted. This team has offered a way out. I've grown as a person, made so many friends and helped others in the process."

- Elton Boney


"I have much more time with my son. I can go to all of his basketball games, band concerts and parties at school. I love helping others do the same."

- Rogie Burgess
entreprenuer (former daycare owner)



“With a layoff, two kids in college, and this economy, having a plan B for financial security is more important than ever.  This energized team has proven it is possible to have that security working around our own schedule with an ethical company having safer, healthier products for our home.”

- Carolyn Wertz


"My initial goal was to make $500 a month but this team far surpassed my expectations. I am now financially secure in my retirement. With my income I am able visit my great-grandchildren, go on trips with my friends and have money left over to help others."

- Helen Warren



"I'm happy to share that I have found a purpose and a passion to be partnered with an amazing team that truly cares about my goals."

- Brenda Isasi

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